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For All Motherkind Q&A

For All Motherkind Q&A
Motherhood is a journey that transcends all boundaries. It is a role that is filled with complexity, compassion, and courage. At times, it can be challenging and overwhelming, but the rewards of being a mother are immeasurable. This Mother's Day, we want to celebrate all mothers, in all their brilliance and boldness.

For All Motherkind is a celebration of the incredible women who have dedicated themselves to raising their children, nurturing their families, and inspiring others along the way. We recognize that every mother is unique, with her own set of joys and struggles, but we also know that the compassion and courage that mothers display is universal.

To honor the spirit of Mother's Day, we asked some of our friends of the brand to share their share personal insights into the impact of motherhood on their lives. Through their stories, we hope to offer a glimpse into the diverse experiences of motherhood, and to inspire all mothers to continue on their journey with resilience, strength, and love.
Anna Heinrich
Anna, what impact has your Mother had on your own journey into Motherhood?

"My mother has paved the way for my journey into motherhood by instilling in me the values of putting our children first, always making time for them and others, and being compassionate and caring. It's easy to become consumed by the never-ending demands of life. When my schedule gets a little crazy, taking time for something as simple as an hour at the beach together allows me to reset, put my worries aside, remind myself of what’s important in life, and where my driving force comes from".

Steph Claire Smith

How do you juggle being a mum and a girl boss?  

"The words balance and juggle are thrown around so much. The thing about juggling is, the more you practice, the better you get at it. And this can be true for being a working parent, because the juggle does get easier in ways, but every now and again another ball is thrown into the mix and it becomes stressful again. The biggest thing that helps me get through the overwhelm of work life balance is to take the pressure off what that looks like. Some weeks I'm away for work, or working late and I don't see Harvey much. Other weeks I make it home for bedtime every night and get to spend ample time with him on the weekends. I also like to remind myself of how lucky I am to say that I enjoy my job, so when work is taking me away from time with Harvey, I'm still spending my time doing something that fulfils me. My favourite quote is; You can have it all, you just cant have it all at once."

Sophie Pearce

What do you love most about being a mum of three girls?

"What do I love most about being a Mum? They’re my best friends, biggest teachers and greatest challenge. I’m forever in disbelief that I get to be their mum and feel so lucky that we get to go on these adventures together (even better when there’s a little bit of kids club thrown in too 😂😂 we’re all about honesty here)."