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Play - Meet Nadine




Surfing is to Byron Bay what iconic beachwear is to Australian summer – inseparable. From early dawn breaks to hazy mist of the day’s end you’ll see people riding waves all day long. Byron local and longboard champion Beau Young gave our girl Nadine a lesson on the pristine waters of Wategos Beach, to give her a taste of what keeps him coming out day after day.

Nadine jumped at the chance to have a go. Growing up near the Alps in Austria she would snowboard home from school, and out in the surf, she soon became a natural, fully embracing our active beach lifestyle. “I caught two waves and I stood up both times, so I’m pretty proud of myself,“ says Nadine. Watch the full interview with Nadine below.NADINE_VIDEO

Keen to try it yourself? Here’s how to get the most out of a surf lesson

  • Choose a school that takes small groups of people out, five or less is a good number. This means you’ll get more time with the instructor.
  • If you want to get learn much faster, have a one-on-one lesson.
  • Aussies are straight shooters – they’ll want you get up on a wave, so expect a little tough love, and to be standing by the end of your lesson!
  • Or if you’re game, nab yourself a local and ask them to show you the secret surf spots.